In the course of an interview granted for the preparation of GamingBolt, Ivan Pabiarzhyn of My.Games has illustrated the efforts made by the authors of Warface to give the title graphics nextgen on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

With the reveal of the design of the Xbox Series X already happened during the Game Awards end of 2019 , and the likely presentation of the PlayStation 5 in February, Pabiarzhyn is canted and said that “we have already started to communicate with the manufacturers of the platforms on the new hardware, but for obvious reasons at the time, I can’t make any official announcement. The engine that manages Warface, CryEngine, has been heavily modified by our team to be able to run smoothly on a wide range of systems. If you download and start the game on a low-end PC, for example, you might be surprised by how it will work.”

Even without confirm the development of version nextgen of Warface, the head of the shooter franchise of he says that “with this in mind, we are examining carefully to all that the new console generation will offer us, especially in terms of increased performance and fidelity”.

In another interview granted to the middle of November, always in the drafting of GB, the team of My.Games has talked about the Xbox Series X, and the PlayStation 5 and the CPU for next-gen is going to revolutionize the FPS, not only from the point of view purely graph, but also in the realistic and realism of the sound and of the sound effects ingame.