“The show will be fun and energetic” – ESA is confident that no Sony will not have an impact on the success of E3 2020

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Last night the Japanese company Sony officially announced its decision not to participate in the exhibition E3 2020, despite the fact that at the end of this year, will release the long-awaited gaming console the PlayStation 5. Instead, platformtrading will focus on “hundreds of small events for the fans.” Many believe that the Japanese are preparing the event PlayStation Meeting, which will focus on the new console, as it was earlier in the case of PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Pro.

Shortly after the announcement by Sony, the head of the gaming division of Microsoft’s Phil Spencer via Twitter has confirmedthat Xbox team will be present at E3 2020 and is now working hard to prepare for their participation in the main gaming event of the year.

Well, now with its own official statement was made by the organizers of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on behalf of the Association the Entertainment Software Association (ESA):

“E3 – a favorite billions a landmark event dedicated to the gaming industry. It demonstrates people, brands and innovation, reinterpreted the entertainment industry. E3 2020 will be a fascinating and highly energetic show where you are waiting for new experiences, partners, exhibition space, activities and programs that will give joy to both new and regular visitors of the event. The interest of the participants to our new activities attracted the attention of brands, which consider E3 as a unique opportunity to find a common language with the fans of video games around the world.”

It is not surprising that ESA has released a similar statement. Something else in this situation to expect. Despite the lack of Sony, the success of E3 2020 will largely depend on the ability of ESA to involve other partners and stakeholders (e.g., Google with its cloud services Stadia), as well as contacts with various major publishers, which for decades was a stronghold of E3.

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