“The picture quality is unreal” – lead programmer of id Software called DOOM Eternal best game in the history of the Studio

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Before the release of the brutal shooter DOOM Eternal is not so much time. In November last year, Bethesda has postponed the release of the game this spring, and the developers worked hard to now the project has hit store shelves in time.

In recent news on the new part of the cult shooter series was not so much the more interesting was the statement lead programmer engine Billy Khan, who wrote in her Twitter the following:

“DOOM Eternal – the best game that we’ve ever created. She’s gorgeous. Looking forward to the moment when we’ll finally be able to play it. It runs very smoothly. Combat system — smooth and smooth like silk. IdTech7 engine produces significantly more geometric detail. The picture quality is just unreal. The rapture”.

Eternal DOOM is the best game we have ever made. It is brilliant. I cannot wait for everyone to finally play it. It runs butter smooth. The combat is fluid as silk. idTech7 is pushing so much geometric detail. The image quality is bonkers. Get excited!

Billy Khan▶this is Optimizing DOOM Eternal (@billykhan) January 14, 2020

The announcement of Eternal DOOM took place at E3 2018, and the release is expected on 20 March 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia. Version for Switch will appear later. The game is a direct sequel to Doom in 2016 and the first development on the new version of the engine id Software — id Tech 7.

Today was released a new trailer and key art.

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