Company Perfect World will soon release the next update to the online role-playing game Neverwinter. “Descent to the underworld” will appear on the Russian servers on January 22. And the creators of the project in his blog said about the story campaign, which is waiting for players.
The campaign is called “a Descent into Avernus“. In the first circle of hell we will meet with the innocent souls that have become victim of the transaction kind of Valerias with the devil Serialam. Its tragic outcome has led to the fact that hundreds of souls of the inhabitants of the fortress and the nearby village threatens to fall to hell.
To thwart the plan of Series, players will have to enlist the support of new allies and to find the devil’s contract, in passing down the defenses to stand against the attacks of demons and devils.
Campaign “Descent into Avernus” will be available to the heroes of the 80-th level. It is based on repeatable tasks and weekly production, but it is punctuated by unique missions. During the passage players will be able to open four gift.
Update the “Descent into hell” will bring the game’s nine circles of hell with dungeons, missions, new enemies and unique rewards.