Programme d entraînement cérébral du Dr Kawashima pour Nintendo SwitchIf Luc Besson has bassiné with the 90% unoccupied of our brain, Dr. Kawashima, him, takes another direction : after 20 years – age brain optimal – our faculties are diminishing, at least generally. It may be true, may be false : in any case, this provides a wonderful excuse for us to progress in the optics of a second youth. Thus, it should be noted the integration of twenty mini-games in the virtues various, which are supposed to act on some parts of the ciboulot, carried by a daily assessment : will result in ” the age of your brain “, the one who reminds you, often, that you are to pick it up.


Programme d entraînement cérébral du Dr Kawashima pour Nintendo SwitchBrain Training from Dr. Kawashima to Switch (thanks for the name-to-extension) is divided into two parts : the Game is fast and the Daily Workout. The first, as its name indicates, offers mini-games to devour instantly alone, with friends or family : this is also the only piece of the game that can be done in the mode Dock – that is to say, with the console connected to the tv. Six events, including three multiplayer then compose the fast Game : it’s pretty, it’s not going to hide it, but fortunately effective. The game of rock-paper-paper-scissors revisited or the calculation digital, for example, make use of the infrared cameras located on each Joy-Con, to immediately recognize the forms of our hands with precision. The level of flag, which requires to memorize a choreography, is based on the simple function, gyro pads, while the remaining years, the counting of boxes, and birds (remember the number of forms in question displayed), use buttons in the traditional sense. Everything is well done, more difficult than it looks, too, but also relatively superficial : we have done very, very quickly did the trick and it would not have spat on the triple’s content.


Programme d entraînement cérébral du Dr Kawashima pour Nintendo SwitchOf course, it is clear that the heart of the soft does not lie in the Rapid Game but in the daily Workout : this is where it is possible to register his or her profile and opt for a regular training and, perhaps, to retain/regain its vigor of yesteryear. Here, results are only recorded once per day but the tests may be repeated as many times as wanted : the Assessment, which is in charge of giving your age of the brain, is axis and around the three central points that are the self-control, processing speed and short-term memory. In each of these disciplines, a mini-game is chosen at random – connecting the dots in a logical sequence, count up to 120 as quickly as possible in a loud voice, to retain the maximum of words on twenty-five posted, etc – to achieve an estimate of your performance. It is quite challenging, sometimes upsetting, certainly not revolutionary compared to previous games in the franchise but still fun. Each day that we made this Evaluation, it unlocks a game in the Drive (for a total of thirteen) : we also found some of the challenges of the three above-mentioned categories, such as mental calculation… but, unfortunately, not all of them. And it’s a shame, because we find ourselves very quickly to make the turn that offers this good old Dr. Kawashima.


Programme d entraînement cérébral du Dr Kawashima pour Nintendo SwitchA technical pretty fragile side, but that does not diminish the relevance of all of the games offered. It has to be said, the soft of Nintendo offers, globally, of the challenges quite attractive, rather motivational even, which should be suitable for all those wishing to get back to work so slight and playful. There are also some classics – sudokus or Bactericide, a Dr. Mario bis – suitable for lovers of puzzles : a holistic experience to be savored every day, in small doses, and especially at a low price. With its imperfections, despite its starting price to 26,99 euros, we advise you to go and search on the net to find some interesting cases without too much difficulty.