Today Nintendo has announced that next Thursday there will be a live stream dedicated to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate, in which the director will announce a new playable character.

A few days ago, the voice actor of V in Devil May Cry V, Brian Hanford, through a podcast, LOVES your YouTube channel JoJo Wifi, may have revealed the next character in the arrival is Dante. After discussing its fighters favorite in Super Smash Bros., the voice actor was asked if he was aware of voices rising about the arrival of Dante within the fighting game of Nintendo.

While he has expressed a slight bitterness to the fact of not being able to be a part of Super Smash Bros Ultimate with a character brand-new, has suggested that Dante will be the next to get on the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Hanford noted that not only does Dante come into the fighting game available for the Nintendo Switch but that will have a role even within the Marvel Vs Capcom.

Now, there is the possibility that Hanford does not know with certainty what the next protagonist of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and that there is drag from the recent rumor. However, as a person who probably has an inside knowledge of the series Devil May Cry, the declaration of Hanford should not be taken lightly. Since there is still no confirmation, it would be better to restrict the excitation, because the voices you know, they come and go. In spite of everything there are only two days to the reveal, and only then we will know with accuracy who will become part of the already crowded roster of the game.

Source: The Gamer