The famous writer Stephen king in a pair of tweets he expounded his view of what should be considered when selecting nominees on “Oscar“. And these remarks caused a storm in the discussions.

As a writer, I am allowed to just nominate in 3 categories: Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Screenplay. For me, the diversity issue–as it applies to individual actors and directors, anyway–did not come up. That said…

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) January 14, 2020

As a writer, I can nominate only three categories: “Best film”, “Best adapted screenplay” and “Best original screenplay”. For me, the issue of diversity — at least as it applies in relation to individual actors and Directors — were

…I would never consider diversity in matters of art. Only quality. It seems to me that to do otherwise would be wrong.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) January 14, 2020

I would never take into account the diversity (sexual and racial) in matters of art. Only the quality. I think it would be wrong to do otherwise
Many agreed with this position, but not all. Commentators repeatedly reminded the king that he is a white male, and therefore has no right to speak because he since the birth has been granted more privileges than colored women.

White men are 35% of the population. It’s not logical they produce 100% of the quality art.

— Cosmichomicide (@Cosmichomicide) January 14, 2020

White males comprise 35% of the population. It is illogical that they create 100% high-quality art

I normally would agree with you, however, in this case you are way wrong. Diversity must always be considered in all matters (especially art). There is no quality without diversity.

— Michael Hall (@AugustEve2012) January 14, 2020

Usually I’m inclined to agree with you, but in this case you are mistaken. Diversity must be taken into consideration, in all cases, especially in matters of art. There is no quality, if not variety

This is a very white thing to say

— Palate Architect (@ginandtectonica) January 14, 2020

It is white judgment
The writer tried to justify — or more precisely to convey their thoughts.

The most important thing we can do as artists and creative people is to make sure everyone has the same fair shot, regardless of sex, color, or orientation. Right now such people are badly under-represented, and not only in the arts.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) January 14, 2020

The most important thing we can do as artists and creative people is to make sure that it fits everyone equally, regardless of gender, colour or orientation. Now these people are poorly represented, and not only in art.
However, it has not improved. Now he fought against those who had supported it.

I agree, we need more white rappers represented in hip-hop Do you even critically think about the things you say?

— E (@ebound) January 14, 2020

I agree, it is necessary that hip-hop was represented by more white rappers. You all are thinking about what you are saying?

I’m a woman artist. I may have challenges but when I get there I sure want my work to be judged on it’s quality. To do any less would be sexism and I would hate it.

— TygerTyger (@tygertyger19) January 14, 2020

I am a woman and I’m an artist. I’m competing, but I want to be sure that my work is appreciated for its quality. To do otherwise is sexist, and I hate such

So, quotas on art then? The next Stephen King shouldn’t get a shot because he’s a white guy? Is that your position?

— C. James Brown (@C_James_Brown) January 14, 2020

Propose quotas for art? I mean the following adaptation of Stephen king is cancelled because he’s a white man?
Another wave of indignation caused by the fact that in the nominations for “Oscar” supporters of racial, sexual and sexual diversity thereof is not provided. After the campaign Oscars so white in 2016, the Academy and among the nominees is indicative of the added number of women and color.
But now the situation has returned to normal. Thus, in the four acting nominations for “Oscar 2020” featured only white actors, with the exception of the only Cynthia Erevo. For the title of best Director claims Korean PON Joon-Ho, but he is a man like any other nominees.
Announced full list of nominees for the “Oscar 2020”