According to an alleged leak posted by the well-known insider Tidux, it seems that Sony has acquired a new studio within view of the PlayStation 5. What software house it could be? The message Tidux seems to contain a clue…

“The family studies first-party PlayStation has become a bit more great” reads quite simply, the tweet posted by the insider Tidux. Message that leaves little doubt: if the leak proves to be true, it means that Sony would have just acquired a new studio to add to their first team party, of course, with the goal of cranking out new exclusives in the view of the PlayStation 5.

The original message of Tidux, also, in turn, contains another clue that is inevitably lost in the translation. Tweets in English-language law, in fact, “Playstations first party family just got a “bit” bigger”, with that “bit” it may not be the case put between the quotation marks.

Perhaps Tidux want to suggest that Sony has acquired a small studio that contains the word “bit” in its name? In this case, between the first software house to come to mind are the 11 bit Studios This of War of Mine, Frostpunk and Children of the Dead, or the 17-bit studios to Galak-Z. Otherwise, it should be a big operation, recall that in the last days there appeared a sensational rumor that he would like the acquisition of ZeniMax and Bethesda by Sony.

From the moment that it is just a leak without official confirmation, however, we invite you to take the news with pliers, pending further information. In the meantime, we report that on our pages you will find a special studies as a first party of Sony is currently active in the view of PS5.