How many unsung heroes, he told us about Clint Eastwood since he started directing his own films, after years in the interpretation of many others, always less rich shades of her. Every so often, we think like completely, other times we get involved in (each will have his own list, it is clear), depending on the different species of character.

Also at Eastwood some came out better than others, and gave them, as told by “true american”. And the America he narrated seems to be a place where you used to have to fend for themselves alone: alone you fall and you stand, alone gather the fruits of your success or you pay for the faults of errors, without ever asking for support to their own Nation.

That in need it acts as a stepmother, indifferent, yet always demands to be respected, defended and loved. Whose indifference is completely justified, even when the distance from its “subjects” is to blame, when you do not move a finger in defence of the needy.

And it may happen that when a humble citizen, a common man on the street, you find yourself in the situation to perform a selfless act, an action that makes the difference, becoming a “hero”, the Country for which that character has risked his life to keep him with an attitude to say the least, schizophrenic. Bringing it in a moment, on the altar and, immediately afterwards, down in the dust, first praised and then accused.

Today, to increase this pessimistic view, even if the objective of american society, has been added the behavior chilling of the means of communication. Not that it’s a new feature: “slam the monster on the first page” is a communication strategy as old as time, but with the help of the Internet it’s all the more devastating, and, to the delays of ordinary justice, was added the court of social media, which takes a character on the gridiron to life.

Maybe it was this element to attract the interest of Eastwood for the true story of Richard Jewell, which occurred in the distant (mediatically speaking) 1996, during the Atlanta Olympics.

  • Director: Clint Eastwood
  • Cast: Paul Walter Hauser, Katy Bates, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Jon Hamm
  • Distribution: Warner
  • Genre: drama, biographical,

Jewell, then a kid who at 34 years old still lived with his protective mother, overweight and a bit slow on the uptake, he was a vigilante AT&T, assigned to control an area where they held the concerts linked to the exhibition. Jewell had tried to make the cop, the vigilante, but always with negative results, because they were too zealous and intrusive in his desire to “serve and protect”.

But he wanted only to do his job the best you can, faithful to the regulations, and impervious to the contempt of the people. On the night of 27 July, he discovers a backpack abandoned him suspicious, manages to alert the Police, thus preventing the explosion, which, however, happens, face many more deaths (there was only one, with more than 100 injured). For a moment, a brief moment, the big man is a hero, in disbelief that finally the world has noticed him.

1A great trio of actors.

But that attention quickly becomes a mass under indictment because the FBI and the media, are convenient to put him under investigation, only on the basis of a supposed psychological profile, but without a minimum real clue. The media circus, unleashed, does the rest. On the verge of remain mangled by the System, Jewell resorts to a local lawyer, a character that is not conventional, which takes its defences. But against him we really are the forces of Evil: the Government and the press. As the story is over you found on Wikipedia, because it is all true.

The screenplay by Billy Ray, the author of the films of swinging appeal (State of Play, the Hunger Games, Captain Phillips, the Gemini Man and the last Terminator), and based on the article American Nightmare by Marie Brenner, is the setup of the scene from Clint Eastwood with the usual restraint, in this case, almost documentary. The escalation of the persecution of Jewell is compelling and entirely true, and the FBI, in its dullness, not come out of it well: the surveys seem to really stuff from the joke.

If, however, the story manages to touch the audience, it is thanks to the skill of the performers. Praise to Eastwood to have chosen an actor as Paul Walter Hauser, and probably also for the similarity with the original. We hope that Hauser the beginning so to be recognized by the public because they deserve it, even though confined by his physicality to a limited number of roles. We discovered with the television series Kingdom, a role disturbing, to see him again then Tonya and BlacKkKlansman.

2Olivia Wilde is the reporter series that led to the alleged scandal.

Great cast of side dish: Sam Rockwell is the wonderful lawyer, convinced of the innocence of his pathetic customer difficult to defend, because being convinced of the sacredness of the system that had tried to serve the whole of life, provided to the FBI on a silver plate, the elements that have been distorted against him.

Jon Hamm is an obnoxious federal agent (and is fine), a character invented, a synthesis of many others. Equally annoying is Olivia Wilde, journalist assault of the local newspaper is bursting on the case, real character, now defunct. In the USA there have been controversies about how it has been portrayed and the Atlanta Journal has threatened lawsuits. Kathy Bates is the adorable mum, well aware of the limits of the son.

If there are references to current events, according to us, are found here, in the polemic with a system that proceeds in rounds of scandals, news, and label people, which creates a narrative without real evidence, to search only the news with which to get his “click” but uninterested in the truth, logic, explanation. While the authorities, adapting blindly to prejudices, fit the facts to the presumed guilty without looking for the real one.

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3An image of the true Jewell.

It does not seem that the ottantanovenne Clint has a personal pebbles in the shoe is off to you but in life things will have views of many. And are not simple, as for its first heroes: does not solve everything by breaking in and shooting the bad guys (and sometimes it is not clear who are the good and who the bad guys). Is the life, and beauty. All that remains is to ride alone towards the sunset, one day, leaving, however, a beautiful legacy behind. What that Eastwood, with simplicity and determination, has without a doubt been able to do.