Jill Valentine is the “S. T. A. R.” central Resident Evil 3, but this is not the only person involved in the events of the final chapter of Raccoon City. The title survival horror has, in fact, a varied cast of allies, enemies and rivals thirsting for blood, in a city devastated by the catastrophic effects of the T-virus. Today, Capcom, through a press release, releases a new trailer, cinematic, new screenshots and new artwork that reveal more details about the dramatic history of the game and the key characters in the game. The partners improvised, Jill, Carlos Oliveira, the other members of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U. B. C. S), the Hunter and the infermabile Nemesis each have an important role to play from Resident Evil 3, the 3 April.

For now fans have been able to see only a short sequence of the Nemesis wrapped by a wall of flames when Resident Evil 3 was announced in December. The unstoppable Bio-weapon of the Umbrella Corporation gives chase to Jill with an arsenal of heavy weapons, including a huge flamethrower and a rocket launcher, laser-guided systems that leave little hope of escape. In addition to its armament, a new screenshot also shows his long tentacle changed that strikes with incredible precision. These protuberances grotesque emerge more and more as the Nemesis loses the bandages of black that hide the results of the cruel experimentation of the Umbrella. Jill tries multiple times to destroy the Nemesis, but thanks to his incredible regenerative abilities, it will continue to return stronger than before.

Although Jill is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, to look at the shoulders we find Carlos Oliveira, a member of the U. B. C. S. expert fighter, skilled with various firearms and trained in the use of aircraft of small size. His team arrived to Raccoon City, hoping to rapidly complete the simple task of evacuation, but they were suddenly overwhelmed. While Carlos organizes their escape, his courage and his sense of justice forced him to go beyond his orders and attempt to discover the truth behind the devious actions of the Umbrella Corp.

The new trailer and the screenshots we provide a closer look on other characters of Resident Evil 3:

Brad Vickers – Is one of the survivors of the incident of the Mansion (as depicted in the original Resident Evil) and helped in the investigation of the Umbrella Corp. Being one of the last surviving members of S. T. A. R. S. in Raccoon City, is in the crosshairs of Nemesis.

Mikhail Victor – The commanding officer of the U. B. C. S. is a leader with years of military experience and command. Mikhail was seriously wounded in the mission of his team to evacuate the survivors from Raccoon City. Despite the dire circumstances, he still makes everything he can to help the civilians and his platoon. Is his transport into the save the citizens of Raccoon City who convince Jill to help their cause.


Helicopter falls Ginovaef – This team leader of the U. B. C. S. is incredibly durable, cold and calculating, willing to make the sacrifices necessary for the mission and for its tornaconti. Helicopter falls considers Jill a “tender heart” and as such you will kill sooner or later.

Tyrell Patrick – This member of the U. B. C. S. is a veteran expert specialized in hacking and disabling security devices. Tyrell provides a valuable support from the back.

Murphy Seeker – This member of the U. B. C. S., and ex-Marine U. S. is a sniper exceptional. Like Mikhail, he is severely wounded during the mission to Raccoon City.


Dario Rosso – Is a civilian met Jill in a warehouse in the city of Raccoon City and that you are recovering from the shock of having lost his family. Dario rejects the request of Jill to escape from the crumbling city.

Hunter – Both Jill and Carlos meet this terrifying new monster in Resident Evil 3. These biological weapons were created by combining the genetic material of humans and reptiles, creating an opponent, incredibly fast and powerful.


Resident Evil 3 will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting from 3 April.