Red Dead Online: there’s the PE Role extras and a new series with mira manual

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Also this week are the arrival of the interesting news for all players of Red Dead Online, the popular multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. They are indeed coming in a variety of events in Free Roam , thanks to which you will be able to get a good bit of Experience Points for the Role and for the character.

The bonus of PE is 25% , and will be able to take advantage of the events in question, only the players who have reached the requirements of rank in the needed Role.

Here is the list of events in Free Roam with bonus PE active:

  • The Big game (number of players: from 2 to 8, need the rank 4 of the bounty Hunter)
  • Hunting in herd (number of players: from 2 to 12, need the rank 4 of the bounty Hunter)
  • The way of the trade (number of players: from 2 to 12, need the rank 4 of the Trader)
  • The egg of condor (number of players: from 2 to 12, need the rank 4 of the Collector)
  • Looting (number of players: from 2 to 12, need the rank 4 of the Collector)

If this is not enough, know that you will have in the course of the next few days is a bonus experience for each class. The bonus to be obtained by completing certain challenges, and can be redeemed in two parts in 1,000 Experience Points each section Offers and rewards in the menu of Red Dead Online.

Here are the challenges to complete to get the PE:

  • Delivery to justice as a bounty legendary – 2.000 PE bounty Hunter
  • Execute a mission of sale from the Dealer – 2.000 PE from the Dealer
  • Complete the collection Fever of the gold (bracelet in rose gold Ojeda, the golden Eagle in 1797 and the pocket Watch of gold) and sell it to Madame Nazar – 2.000 PE Collector
  • Complete a mission in the History of the Still – 2.000 PE from the Distiller

For what concerns the competitive mode in evidence, we find up to the next 20 January 2020 Last Survivor, in which you’ll have to use the aim manual.

If the first encounter in the new career as the Distiller in the online of Red Dead Redemption 2 you need some clarification, on our pages you can find an article entirely focused on the topic.


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