2019 last year was truly a year of Disney Plus. Anyway, according to Google in the USA. It is reported that this request took first place last year. We should note that the eponymous streaming service launched in November, because it gained popularity in just over a month.
In many ways, the popularity of Disney Plus won by baby Yoda from “Mangalore“, which has become a cultural phenomenon 2019. It is not surprising that the service owning such a popular franchise and appeared in the top.
Note that, among other popular requests was the death of a celebrity (Cameron Boyce and Nipsey Hussl), the movie “Avengers Finale“, the TV series “Game of thrones“, fresh at the time iPhone 11, as well as traditional news.
Of course, this is data for only one country, because it is difficult to tell whether well-deserved first place for Disney Plus on a global scale. But the fact of the rapid growth in popularity is impressive.