The fashion for screens with a high refresh rate for mobile devices continues. The company OnePlus presented a new display technology that will be used in the next flagship of OnePlus 8.
This screen is based on the matrix OLED, which has the following features:
  • The 2K resolution.
  • The frame rate of 120 Hz.
  • Frequency of reading sensor 240 Hz.
  • The color reproduction is better than iPhone 11 Pro Max. JNCD the coefficient of<0,8 Chinese screen against the JNCD of<0.9 at Apple. The lower it is, the more realistic picture.
  • Chip for dynamic image processing.
  • Screen calibration from the factory.
  • 2096 levels of brightness adjustment.
  • Support 10-bit color.

This will allow OnePlus to reach a new level. Though “eight” and will give Xiaomi and Nubia in the frequency of screen image quality will clearly surpass.