At the end of the christmas season and the balances of new year’s eShop, the first media campaign of the 2020 Nintendo that the stars are the Switch console and Super Mario Odyssey.

The phrase to the effect used by the Big N to represent this new campaign takes the same concept expressed several times by Nintendo to show off theextreme portability of the Switch, and the ductility of games of its flagship titles, on all the platform worship Super Mario Odyssey that has turned two years old last October.

The spot invites us, in fact, to “relax and make the most of the time for themselves, always and everywhere”, of course in the company of our trusty console hybrid , and of his catalogue that in 2019 has received more and more games Switch on the PS4 and Xbox One put together.

If we were lost, we present our study on exclusive Nintendo Switch the most anticipated in 2020 from Animal Crossing New Horizons to Bayonetta 3, passing through the forbidden dream of seeing arrive by the end of the year, the highly anticipated the legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. All of this while on the network continues to depopulate the idea of a user who has tried to imagine the features of the firmware, 10.0 out of Switch.