Touching became an Internet meme the end of 2019, the alien from TV series “Mandalore”, which the audience immediately dubbed “baby Yoda” due to external resemblance to master Yoda, cost the company Disney in $ 5 million. We are talking about advanced puppet used on the set.

This was told by a guest actor of the series , Adam Palli, who played in the 8th episode of the show the stormtrooper that hit were in the bag of 50-year-old kid.

“I remember my first shot when I hit it,” says the actor. “Sounded “cut!”, and Jon Favreau, who was watching the monitor in his office, came out of him and said, “I just want to report that this hero is worth about $ 5 million. I want you to hit him, but keep it in mind. And the next three take I ruined because I was nervous (I was afraid to break the doll)”.

Premiere of “Mandalore” was held in November last year on the streaming service Disney+. In production is the second season, which is planned for this year. It is already known that the baby Yoda will be back.

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