Through the pages of the thread to the official Magic Legends, the authors of the Cryptic Studios, set in 2021, the period of the release of their ambitious
action ruolistico to Diablo but confirm the desire to launch soon a Beta testing phase for all those who want to try the preview of the title.

The Beta of Magic Legends should start no later than the spring of the 2020, involving the largest possible number of those who want to participate by reporting their e-mail address on the official website of the GDR once proceeded to subscribe to the newsletter.

The next MMORPG of Perfect World Entertainment will be linked to the series of Magic the Gathering , and will propose a shortlist of extremely wide range of weapons, equipment, skills and spells to unlock, by means of a system based on the management of a Library of digital cards that represent, precisely, the arsenal and the powers that users can use in each mission.

In the course of the Beta phase, the participants in the test will wear the role of the Geomancer and the Mind Mage Magic Legends. As with any similar initiative, the boys of studies, Cryptic will draw inspiration from the suggestions and directions of those who will compete with the Beta to improve the game experience in the months that divide us from the exit of the Magic Legends on PC and console.