A user on Reddit posted a screenshot of Rainbow Six Siege, which lists the features of the season pass, fifth year. The authenticity of the information unable to confirm.
Users and the media noticed that in the next year, Ubisoft promises to add only six operatives, and will not give 600 credits. It is unknown what caused this — perhaps with the advent of a new generation of consoles and the need to optimize the shooter for them.
That will give the season ticket of the fifth year:
  • six new operatives for seven days before the appearance at the store
  • unique customization items
  • 10% discount in the store
  • 5% booster experience
  • increase chance to get alpha set to 0.3%
  • 30% discount on combat badges
  • 30% bonus to receive stages in the combat pass.

VIP membership fifth year, will run until 31 January 2021. The official announcement of the subscription is expected in the coming weeks.

A new cinematic trailer shooter with the announcement of the regime “Stadium” ahead of the Six Invitational 2020.