In the database of the Eurasian economic Commission appeared mention of unannounced video cards AMD. We are talking about models Radeon 5950 RX, RX 5900 and 5800 RX. According to records on the web page of the ECE, these models are also expected to be mentioned among others.
Previously, these products had already appeared in leaks from the EEC, but until they are officially introduced. However, recently Lisa su said that AMD is preparing a powerful card with hardware support of the technology of ray tracing. It is not excluded that the above boosters will get this graphics technology.
Of course, while it is not specified whether the “red team” to adhere to the current naming scheme because it is difficult to say whether there will be in the market card Radeon 5950 RX, RX RX 5900 and 5800. The marketing names may be different.
In any case, still waiting for statements from AMD and new leaks.