One of the most interesting emerged in the last decade has been If. While the first game is still for a niche audience, the sequel to If: Automata ended up being a great success, with one of its main characters, 2B, that has been a part of crossover multiple. You can now listen to the soundtrack of the two titles on Spotify.

The soundtrack is to If original If: Automata is available through the music streaming service Spotify, and includes all the tracks of each soundtrack. While both have been available for purchase in physical and digital on various shops, this is the first time that are available through streaming.

If you love music then here is a good tool for being able to listen while at work or in the breaks studio thanks to your smartphone.


If: Automata is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, while If it is still only available on the previous generation of consoles.

Source: GamingBolt