Support post-launch FIFA 20 continues with the Title Update 10, an update that promises numerous improvements and optimizations to the game mechanics of the simulator football weblog EA Sports.

The tenth patch is a “major” FIFA 20 , is already available on PC and will soon be accessible for download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The notes published by Electronic Arts describe this update as one of the most important that have been disclosed up to now for the FIFA 20, especially as it relates to theevolution of the gameplay experience.

The most representative of the Title Update 10 concerns, in fact, the dribbling, the return is much more reactive thanks to a thorough optimization of the system moves in and the integration of these to the animations, especially for the players digital with a score of 80 or higher in the attributes, Dribbling, Agility and Balance. More experienced users can thus exploit the maximum capacity of the athletes that base their style of play on the ball.

Among the other interventions made by the subsidiaries of EA we point out theincrease in the effectiveness of the shots easy out of the area and the small area of the goalkeeper, the reduction of the maximum time of waiting for the kick start (which goes from 30 to 15 seconds), the increase in the speed of the animations of the passage to the defenders, made by the goalkeeper during the referrals, and a reduction of errors in the throws of time.

One of the changes made by EA Sports, it is impossible not to report the optimization of the maximum level of difficulty of the Career mode , and the resolution of a problem of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team linked to the management of the objects Concept Player of FUT.