For about a month by the arrival on the Italian market of the Expansion Keys DualShock 4, here’s who arrive on the main magazines of gaming international first opinions on the accessory that adds the controller to the PlayStation 4 as well as two additional buttons and an OLED screen that is useful to the programming of these keys.

In fact, it seems that the reviewers at Polygon, IGN and other magazines, they can all agree on about the device: it is something that makes the use of some genres more enjoyable and it is extremely easy to program, thanks to the small screen provided. This little gadget allows you then to turn to the price of just € 29.99 your simple DualShock 4 into something very similar to the Razer Raiju, the Nacon Revolution or the more recent Astro C40 TR without shelling out more or less digits high.

The articles in question emerges as this particular accessory news Sony is also perfectly compatible on a PC, since the two extra buttons are limited to replicate the functions performed by two of those already on the controller. So if you love to play on PC with a pad, the PS4 could do in your case.

In short, it seems that this device is very useful and it is therefore highly likely that Sony decides to make it compatible with the increasingly chatted controller PlayStation 5 or include them directly inside it, as mentioned in some patents of the DualShock 5 ended up in the net some weeks ago.

We remind you that the Expansion Buttons, the DualShock 4 will be available on the shelves of all major retailers Italian from next 14 February 2020 and it is already possible to proceed to the booking at some physical stores and online.