As you surely noticed, Epic Games has released in the last hour of the amazing numbers of his Epic Games Store, which boasts 108 million registered customers that have spent nearly 700 million dollars for the purchase of games and DLC. It seems, however, to have been in many also to take advantage of the functionality Supports a Creator.

They have been in fact in fact 1.773.180 the use of codes useful to support an influencer on the occasion of the purchase of products on the digital store. for those who do not know what it is, the supports a creator is a feature created by Epic Games very interesting, and aims to help the content creator to earn money. Each personality is in fact associated with a precise code, which usually corresponds to the nickname in use on the client and that, if inserted at the time of purchase of games or add-on content, allows you to send part of the money you have spent with the character.

Thanks to the Support of the Creator were the “creator” of 235 countries to be able to earn and does not exclude the possibility that this feature could expand in the coming months. Recently it was in fact a sort of extra event during which the influencers were able to get bonuses through the use of their code, or playing the new free-to-play Epic entitled the Battle the Breakers.

Waiting to find out which are the incoming news on the Epic Games Store, remember that until next Thursday, you can redeem free of charge Sundered: Eldritch Edition, after which will be available always in the form of a free platform to Horace. Today the company has in fact confirmed that the gifts weekly will continue to arrive throughout the 2020.