Love to the madness of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep, and the various landscapes that can be freely explored during the patrols? So you cannot miss this bizarre video made by a fan and inspired by classic documentaries broadcast on National Geographic.

The video consists of a series of shots that show us not only the landscapes of the Earth, Titan, Io , and Nessus, but also the creatures that inhabit the game world. To accompany the images there is the famous song of the official soundtrack that you’ll surely have heard at the beginning of the War the Red in the very first mission of the game, when Ghaul has the better of the Last City, and forced the Guardian to escape.

All this brings to mind the recent statements from Bungie, according to which Destiny 2 might sooner or later turn into a movie or a TV series. I wonder if the video in question can get in the eyes of the development team based in Seattle, that may be of inspiration to accomplish something similar in a professional manner, and involving all the races, and the settings currently present in the game and narrarne all the details outside of the Library.