Dante? Crash Bandicoot? Nintendo announced the presentation of a new fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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16 January at 17:00 Moscow time will pass presentation of a new fighter for fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the company said Nintendo. Its leader will be the head of development Masahiro Sakurai. Stream will last 35 minutes. In Russian it can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of the Nintendo Russia.

16 January at 17:00 (GMT) you can watch a new presentation that will last approximately 40 minutes and in which the Director #SmashBrosUltimate Masahiro Sakurai will introduce a new DLC fighter!

Look here January 16:

— Nintendo Russia (@NintendoRU) January 14, 2020

Nintendo remains to show the last soldier of the first wave of additional characters. It promised to release until February 2020. Then the developers will start adding to the game the second wave of DLC characters. Their names are unknown.

Fans believe that the February character may be Dante from Devil May Cry, and here’s why:

  • In 2018, answering questions about the likelihood of the emergence of Dante in the roster of the fighting game, Capcom representatives said that to start games Devil May Cry series to appear on Nintendo. In the end, they were there. The first and second parts have already reissued on Switch, and a third on the way.
  • Capcom employees made a promise to customers, Devil May Cry 3 for Switch “something special”, called to follow the news, 16 January, 30 January and 13 February. 16 January – the day of the presentation of the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • The entry with the announcement of the program retweeted the Creator of Devil May Cry Hideki Kamiya.

Also there is a theory that the last additional fighter for the first wave will be a Crash Bandicoot – once a symbol of PlayStation and rival of Mario, and today, the hero of multiplatform games from Activision, which is found on the Switch including.

Users have noticed that photos attached to the announcement of the presentation, Sakurai shows three finger – like Crash Bandicoot on the Japanese cover of the first remaster of the trilogy.


— 社畜のよーだ (@no_shachiku_no) January 14, 2020

Another competitor of the nineties, Mario, sonic, represented in the roster of “smash shots” on a regular basis since the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – the most successful fighting game in history. Its sales as of September 30, 2019 amount of 15.71 million copies.

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