Punctual as always, Infinity Ward has updated the playlist weekly of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and, starting from this evening, the holders of the first-person shooter will be able to throw himself into the fray thanks to a series of new modes.

The strong dish of the week consists of in the arrival of the Clash 3 against 3. Unlike the classic version and the one proposed last week, which included match head-to-head between two players, this time each team will be composed by three different users. Usually each round does not allow the respawn and the winning team is the team that brings home the six rounds. Other news is the particular playlist entitled, also in the Italian version of the game “Same day delivery”, that is, a combination of the game mode called Cranked, and the Drop Zone.

To take the place of Shipment 24/7, playlist very much appreciated by the players in which to complete missions and challenges, it was a no-brainer, returns to the Shoot House 24/7. To usually choose this playlist 24/7 you will always play in the same map, but in ways that vary, among which are the Domain, Headquarters, Kill Confirmed and team Deathmatch.

At the moment there are advances on the news coming next week and on any days of the Experience Points Double for the season pass or for weapons. It is not, however, exclude the possibility that some event in this sense may also arrive this time next Friday, and finish in the late afternoon of the following Monday.

Speaking of changes, remember that the developers have promised that soon Call of Duty Modern Warfare updates with extra slots for custom classes.