In the course of the late afternoon Apex Legends is up-to-date on PC and console, to welcome the last event of the limited time of the third season, which takes the name of the Grand Soirée, and the main protagonist of the funny Pathfinder. By carefully examining the changelog, someone claims to have discovered a interesting clues about Season 4.

Among the main changes in the latest patch there is, in fact, the removal of a particular accessory that allows you to increase the maximum number of bullets in the charger to energy weapons like the assault rifle, Havoc, the sniper rifle Tiple-Take the submachine gun that Devotion. According to some fans, this choice on the part of the developers is the first step towards the introduction of the Volt to the debut of Season 4 in a few weeks. For those who do not know what we are talking about, the Volt is a gun already seen in Titanfall 2, and considered one of the best weapons of the game because of its accuracy when firing without aiming. With the addition of a loader extended, this particular weapon may become excessively strong, and it is likely that Respawn Entertainment has previously removed this accessory to prevent that the game can become unbalanced with the introduction of the new weapon.

Waiting to find out more news on battle royale, remember that you are falling for the mysterious meteors on the Capitol City of Apex Legends and, according to some user, that event may have some connection with Season 4. In the meantime, you can try the game mode in the third person, and back into the Canyon of the Kings thanks to the rotation of time-limited mode in the event the Grand Soirée.