The artist Daniel Arshamthat in 2018 has teamed up with Adidas to create a pair of shoes, often produces, and sells items very expensive and very sought after on his personal website. Many of them come from his series “Future Relics,” or pieces of technology and pop culture of all days are reinvented as archaeological finds. The next to be transformed into “fossil” is just the Game Boy.

Many of his Future Relics have been sold for prices that are not exactly affordable, with a base minimum of $ 500. Currently, we do not yet know the price of this work, but we know that the crystallized effect of the Game Boy has been reproduced using the resin. The work not only is the portable console of Nintendo, but it also has within it the reproduction of a cartridge.

The Game Boy resin to be auctioned off, and then available for purchase starting from January 17. For all the information you can take a look at the official website of the artist.


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Source: Kotaku