After having shown you where to find the armor set of the Bear, in this mini-guide to The Witcher 3 , we explain how to obtain the armor set of the school of the Cat, and where to find all the upgrades to bring it to the Perfect degree.

The armor of the Cat is one of the armor set, the most powerful that can be obtained in The Witcher 3. Let’s see how to get the complete set, and where to find all the power ups to maximize the statistics in the combat of the set.

Where to find the armor set, Cat in The Witcher 3

The armor set of the school of the Cat is composed of seven pieces of equipment: a silver sword, a steel sword, a crossbow, a pair of pants, anarmor, a pair of boots and a pair of gloves. To find them all you will just see the video shown at the top, where are shown the exact locations of the seven pieces of equipment in question. After having obtained all, you need to research upgrades to bring the armor set, the school Cat to the Perfect degree.

Where to find the upgrades of the armor set, Cat in The Witcher 3

Obtaining the diagrams of enhancement you can improve your armor set, the school Cat. Finding them all, in fact, it will be possible to bring the armor set at the Perfect level and increase to the maximum the overall statistics of the set. To find all the diagrams in the question will just watch the three videos listed at the bottom, where you are shown their exact location within the map.

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