Bloody Roar, released in 1997 in the arcade and later on the PS1, is one of the 3D fighting game the most iconic of the second half of the ’90s, thanks to a peculiar feature: each wrestler could become a different animal, the mechanical, which helped to create new dynamics to the gameplay.

Christened in July of 1997 from the first chapter signed by Hudson Soft, the epic fighting , Bloody Roar has obtained the recognition of the printing industry and, especially, fans of the genre thanks to its unmistakable style and particular approach to gameplay that was adopted by its developers.

Every wrestler on the roster was able to turn into a beast relentless, by multiplying the rate of fun is returned to the user, and the ability for them to specialize in fighting styles and techniques, extremely original.

Theabsurd plot of the narrative that kept it running for the entire series, however, he did turn up their nose to the purists, but, paradoxically, has led the fans to become attached to the characters and their monstrous mutations: the different dynamic in the transformation of the wrestlers, the specific fund’s chart and his innate vocation arcade did the rest and delivered this series in the history of video games. If you want to learn more about this IP, you will leave it to the last video of our new section “My Generation” and to the investigation of Gabriel Carollo on Bloody Roar and the history of a fighting beast.