Path of Exile has a reputation as one of the most played online games in the world. Thanks to the tons of features, like different types of PoE currency and PoE orbs, the ever-growing expansions, and a non-toxic community that has your back, the game has grown into a special ARPG unlike any other. But did you know that wasn’t the case when Path of Exile was first released? In fact, there were many potentially game-breaking bumps on the road during the start. Join us as we tackle the humble beginnings of this hugely popular game and see just how far it has come.

A Rough Start

During the early years, Path of Exile wasn’t exactly the talk of the town. Before Grinding Gear Games was made, a small group of ARPG enthusiasts back in the early 2000s was pleased with how the genre was shaping up through the new releases back then. According to them, the games felt lackluster and had no inspiration at all. This led them to try their hand at developing their very own game which we have now come to know as Path of Exile. While the game was officially announced in September 2010, the group that led this passion project was already developing it under the rug for three years straight! With that, more people came into the group and are now known as the gaming company that published this innovative game, Grinding Gear Games.

It wasn’t all that easy to get the word about Path of Exile, and other competitors like Blizzard’s Diabloseries were the rage back then. When the game was still but a fawn, Diablo III was announced. It certainly caused a ruckus and worry among the developers. Luckily, Diablo III shifted its gears going towards the more accessible route for players. This left Path of Exile as sort of a niche game and was known as a gothic-like, hardcore ARPG. In turn, they dominated this genre and ultimately dodged a huge blow that could have literally ended the game.

More to Follow

After running a series of beta tests, Path of Exile officially went live. But was there any meat on the bone for players to sink their teeth in? This can be answered with PoE’s first expansion, the Sacrifice of the Vaal. However, the expansion was released in 2014, so the first year release of PoE was more of testing the waters. The first ever expansion of the game boasts new bosses to slay, additional types of currency to collect, new areas to explore, and all-new PvP modes to try out. Not long before the first expansion, the second one, Forsaken Masters, came out just four months after the release of Sacrifice of the Vaal. Since then, Grinding Gear Games has kept up this consistency until now by releasing two new expansions per year.

As if that wasn’t enough, Grinding Gear Games just recently announced that Path of Exile 2 is currently in development. While PoE 2 wasn’t described as a true sequel, the developers plan to give the game engine and gameplay a major overhaul. Together with 7 new acts to play, players are hyped to see what’s in store for them. In addition to that, they also teased that there will be a mobile version of the game which is currently in the works. These will all be dependent on fan reception, making them experiment with new formats and such to try and give what the players want.


Despite the setbacks that Grinding Gear Games had experienced during their formative years, it was certainly well worth it getting up to this point. Thanks to constant updates and new types of PoE currency and PoE orbs added, there’s so much for players to do within the game. Not to mention the recent announcement made for Path of Exile 2 and an upcoming mobile version of the game for users on the go, it’s looking like Path of Exile is heading toward world domination! Did you know about the story of Path of Exile? Or did you just start playing the game simply because it was so fun? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!