It’s a general rule in MMOs that low-level players don’t rake in that much gold. OSRS gold, however, is an exception, but the ways to amass them at the early stages of a game are quite tricky. Thankfully, there’s one method that’s actually much simpler than others.

Starter Skills for the Gains

For this particular method, you need the following skills and their respective levels:

  • Level 53 Magic
  • Level 40 Mining
  • Level 38 Smithing
  • Level 40 Crafting

If you want a Smoke Battlestaff, you need level 30 Attack. Lastly, you need to finish the Family Crest quest line. This particular setup doesn’t take much time and requires less than 1 million GP, which can be found at an OSRS gold sell site. Heck, some players even do this kind of build from a completely new account, earning money early on and then just grinding for the skills they want later on. However, while that is possible, it’s not recommended (more on that later).

You’ll mostly rely on the spell Fire Bolt. This is available from the standard spellbook, and requires 3 air runes, 4 fire runes, and 1 chaos runes to be cast.

Making the Fire Hotter

Without a boost, the spell can only do 12 damage at most. But with the Chaos Gauntlets, which is a reward of the saidFamily Crest quest, it can reach up to 15 damage,which iswhy it’s a must! To pump it up even further, you should get the Occult necklace. Also, like what’s been previously said, equip the Smoke Battlestaff, as it adds 10% damage and accuracy to spells from the standard spellbook, as well to give you an unlimited number of air and fire runes.

The staff itself, however, can be difficult to obtain, as it requires you to kill a Thermonuclear Smoke Devil. Unless you have an older and stronger account, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to get one. This is why it’s better to have an account first before running this build.

With the staff and the Chaos Gauntlet, you can hit up to 18 damage. There are even other gear pieces that will further boost it all the way to 31, but you’ll need more time and money for them. They’re not worth getting because even just 15 damage of Fire Bolt is enough to do the job. Plus, since the other items that boost Fire Bolt are more difficult to obtain, you might as well move on to better ways of making money.

Being the Wildfire

With your Fire Bolt damage at 15, you can now start grinding. Most of the time, you’ll be grinding in The Wilderness. A lot of Old School RuneScape players knee-jerk reel at hearing the Wilderness, as it’s a PVP-enabled area where you’ll drop your items if you get killed by another player. Thankfully, that wouldn’t be the case with this one. This is because you’ll be targeting black chinchompas instead, which you can kill with relative ease.

Of course, you’ll still be encountering other players – if you can call them as such, that is. The ones you’ll be coming across in the area where you’ll spend most of your time grinding are bots. And because they’re merely programs on autopilot, you might as well take advantage of that fact and take them out, as some of them drop really good gear for some reason.

These targets can yield up to 1.5 million gold. But later on, you can earn even more by moving on to better targets with a bit of grinding. We highly recommend revenants, as they can get you around 2 to 4 million gold.

In MMOs, you can always catch up. Nevertheless, there’s nothing like getting a good headstart. And with this method, you will definitely have one!