Dreams of Media Molecule, the recently gone gold, is a game which has been discussed for a long time and probably has been in development for many years. But, as you know, soon the game will finally see the light.

About a month away from launch, Shawn Layden, the former president of ITS Worldwide Studios, has recently responded to the announcement of Media Molecule about the phase of gold, praising the ambitious title.

Layden has called the game a “result epic”, before saying that “will change the creation of the games as we know it”.

Having held the role of president of ITS Worldwide Studios for years, Layden has been closely involved in the development of Dreams. His praise for the game after his departure, then, it is great to see and shows just how appreciated the efforts of Media Molecule.

Congratulations to Team MM! So happy for you and proud of you alarm This is an epic achievement and will change game creation as we know it. This is freedom. Well done. https://t.co/W94cG3Y6Ri

— Shawn Layden (@ShawnLayden) January 6, 2020

Dreams will be released on the PS4 on the 14th of February, but its launch will only be the beginning. Media Molecule has said it would support the game for many, many years and probably well beyond the launch of the PS5.

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Source: Gamingbolt.