Through the platform, Weibo, Bandai Namco Entertainment Japan has released new screenshots of Digimon Survive, tactical RPG adventure in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC.

The shots in question are focused in particular on Saki Kimijima, a new character is voiced in japanese by Minami Takahoshi, his partner Floraemon and the system known as “free movement, like m”. Saki is a girl who attends the first year of middle school: it is very honest and lives a free-wheel without being conditioned by rules and constraints. The system of free movement, like m will, instead, players can freely choose where to go on the map of the game and who to talk to. You can find the screenshots at the bottom of this news, good vision!

Digimon Survive was created to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the anime, and presents an adventure set in a mysterious world with characters created by Uichi Ukumo and a soundtrack composed by the acclaimed Tomoki Miyoshi. The story begins when, during a camping trip organized by the school, the new group of teenagers led by Takuma Momozuka you lose, and then find themselves in a strange new world full of monsters and dangers. While they will fight in battles 2D with a classic-style SRPG, players will have to make choices that will have repercussions on the monsters, the allies, and on the final. Digimon Survive is expected in 2020 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch (in Japan will see the light only on the PS4 and Switch).