Yesterday it was announced that Death As True, the new project of the author of Danganronpa Kazutaka Kodaka. Today we have the first details on the game, which will be released in the course of 2020, although it is not yet known which platforms.

Kodaka will once again be with Kanata Hongou, who will be the main protagonist, Makoto Karaki. The actor had already played the role of the protagonist of Danganronpa Makoto Naegi in the adaptation live action of the game, and Ryota Mitarai in the anime Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope”s Peak High School.

In the description of the character reads: “When Makoto Karaki wakes up in a hotel, seems to have lost his memory. He has no idea who he is and what we do in the hotel. Watching the news on TV learns to be searched for a series of murders.”

Izanagi Games describes Death As True as the content is interactive, which combines movie and video game, where the story develops based on the choices of the player, which may lead to different possible endings.

News on the game is also coming soon, given that there will be a new character reveal on the official website, the 13 of December at 9. What do you think so far of the game? The description and the premise made by Izanagi Games attracts you? About the author, take a look at our review of Danganronpa.