The United States representative Duncan Hunter has declared that he will soon resign from Congress after pleading guilty to charges of misuse of more than $ 250,000 in campaign funds, including 1.528 dollars spent to buy games on Steam.

“Shortly after the holidays I dimetterò by the Congress,” said Hunter in a note today. “It was an honor to serve the people of the 50th district of California, and I very much appreciate the trust they have placed in me over the past 11 years.” Hunter was indicted last year on charges of “wire fraud, false documents, violations financing of the campaign and conspiracy” related to the use of the funds of the campaign to pay for anything from household expenses to play video games. He then proceeded to go on Fox News and blame for almost all his wife, also accused.

As A result of the original relationship of the Union-Tribune of San Diego in 2016, in which the subtraction of the campaign funds are raised for the first time, Hunter has blamed his son for the game on Steam. The wife of Duncan, Margaret Hunter, pleaded guilty in June of this year. A few weeks after it was revealed in court that Duncan Hunter has spent part of the funds of the campaign for extramarital affairs.


While the process of the Hunter was supposed to start in January, the deputy is declared guilty of the charges before the federal court last Tuesday. Previously, he had spent the last year reclamarsi innocent and defining the inquiry a “witch-hunt”. The announcement of Hunter of his impending resignation comes after the fact of not being able to get the approval of his party for another term in the Chamber at the beginning of this autumn. Currently on the list referred to the court is not present in the list of the games that the member (or his son) have purchased on the platform of Valve.

Source: Kotaku