Through the social media profiles official PlayStation, the authors of Kojima Productions to make a new promotional movie of Death Stranding that focuses entirely on the Beach, one of the most important (and scary) to visit you in the shoes of Sam Bridges.

Used metaphorically by the authors, led by Hideo Kojima as a door size which acts as an intermediary between the afterlife and the reality distorted by the Death Stranding, the Beach is the perfect representation of the ambitions nourished by the father of the Metal Gear in the give shape to this vision of the sci-fi tinged dark.

Net of the symbolism and metaphysical interpretations that accompany the scenes of the Beach with the protagonists Sam and the other members of the cast of Death Stranding, the new promotional movie of the japanese authors contribute to open yet another window on the jagged narrative universe of this work.

Without further ado, we leave you to the video above, and please note that on these pages you can find our review of Death Stranding and a discussion with the considerations on the final game of Hideo Kojima. Did you know that in mid-December, is expected a major update?