The meshes of the network has emerged a rumour linked to a possible return of PT/Silent Hills, the unfortunate project horror entrusted to the hands of Hideo Kojima and subsequently deleted.

The rumor has found spread on the pages of the well-known forum Reddit, through the post, which you can find directly at the bottom of this news. To publish is the user “Sarkzt0001”, which shows how they are currently in the course of negotiations between Kojima Productions and Konami to bring the project to life. The alleged insider claims to be aware of the project when Death Stranding has gone gold, but to have expected that the occurrence of certain events, before sharing the information: in particular, the manifestation of a new interest in Kojima for the horror genre, and the announcement of the decision of Imaizumi to leave Kojima Productions.

As reported by the user Reddit, Hideo Kojima and Konami would be discussing some of the issues related to pre-production. The financing of the project would fall entirely on Kojima Productions, with the third-party support. To fill the role of the protagonist would not be Norman Reedus and the game would be in third person. The hypothesis of the collaboration, says “Sarkzt0001” would be the cause of the abandonment of Kojima Productions by Imaizumi. Theannouncement, finally, it is noted, might not be far off: “by 2020 at the latest, 2019 during the Game Awards if we’re lucky”.

As usual, please remember that this is rumor, therefore, the information is not confirmed. Therefore, we invite you to interpret them with due caution.