Within the Region of Barge, the Coaches in the journey Pokémon with a Sword and Shield can devote themselves to the exploration of an area with particular characteristics.

It is of the vast Lands of Wilderness, inside of which players can encounter in Pokémon are very strong, and devote themselves to a great number of activities. Among the latter figure also the collection of different types of berries found in the Pokémon Sword and Shield. For them, the Coaches may shake some of the trees in the area, that will drop to the ground a small crop. This action may be performed multiple times on the same shrub. To insist, however, brings with it a risk: a Pokémon squirrel could, in fact, descend from the tree and attack you!

A player may, however, have discovered a little “trick” to avoid stepping on the creature. The Twitter user “#tones“, in fact, has posted a series of tweets in which it recommended to the Coaches to observe carefully the movements of the leaves of the tree that is about to shake. If the latter is slow, then you can proceed to the collection of berries in security. If, on the contrary, the leaves start to move quickly, then the player will be able to shake once again the tree: insist further will cause the appearance of the Pokémon squirrel! You noticed?

In closing, we remind that recently got underway in the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield competition “Barge: The debut”.