The tender creature has become a true viral phenomenon: the network does not seem willing to stop and celebrate what has become known as “Baby Yoda“.

Not surprisingly, therefore, much that the character has started to cross the borders of the universe of the series Star Wars: The Mandalorian, to “invade” lidi games! The fans are, in fact, indulged themselves in creating the most variety of creations dedicated to the little Baby Yoda: among these, one in particular is the setting in the world of the last God of War. Thanks to the creativity of the artist known on Twitter as “OBlackThunderO“, the alien has in fact made his input in the creation of the team in Santa Monica. And so, our Kratos is “replaced” by a Yoda mature, ready to wield the Leviathan as if it were a lightsaber. To take the place of the young Atreus, needless to say, we find instead a Baby Yoda intent to drink a soup, with a bow and arrows momentarily laid at his feet. Directly at the bottom of this news you can see the beautiful fan art, published by the author on their Twitter account: what do you think?

The universe tied to the norse mythology is not new to the gifts from fans: recently, the exclusive PlayStation 4 has become the protagonist of a fan art that blends the God of War and Dragon Ball.