From some year, the awards BAFTA Children’s Awards are dedicated to the products of entertainment for young people, the event was born with the aim to reward movies, TV series, cartoons and video games that stand out and claim a remarkable success among the little ones.

This year, we noticed the victory Astro Bot Rescue Mission of Sony Interactive Entertainment, awarded best children’s game at the BAFTA Children’s Award’s 2019. The platform for the PlayStation VR has defeated the battle-hardened competitors, or Chimparty, LEGO DC Supervillains and Overcooked 2, triumphing thus in the last section of the awards dedicated to video games, while the other categories are based on different genres such as film, animation, comics, and books.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission and to present the game to the PlayStation VR with the highest score on Metacritic, a 3D platformer that takes advantage of Virtual Reality to immerse the player in a world of magic and colorful. The cute robot protagonist of the adventure has been elected by the community as the mascot of the PSVR, the hope is that we can see a sequel in the near future, at the moment, however, Sony and Japan Studios have not announced anything about it.