In view of the constant evolution of its services related to the use and publication of content on YouTube, the leaders of Google decide to make less stringent the rules governing the distribution and monetization of YouTube videos that represent on-screen violence in video games.

As established by the giant of Mountain View in the most recent directive, issued and made public on the pages of YouTube support, from now on the videos uploaded by the users that represent scenes gaming “mature” as those that characterize the first-person shooter, the horror , or fighting games will be subject to fewer restrictions in terms of limits of the recommended age and of controls, allowing the authors to access more opportunities for monetization.

The changes implemented by Google are active from today, Monday 2 December, and apply to all Countries: from here on, therefore, the violent content “simulated” in the game, and will be equivalent to all the other content of “violence scripted” or fake.

The latest changes to the lines of conduct to follow on YouTube, however, will not concern the content-themed games that show explicitly the gore and the violence is an end in itself: for this particular category of videos will continue to be applied to the strict regulations that impogno to the authors, among other things, to set an age limit for movies that blocks the vision of the same to minors.