Rocketwerkz, the firm created by the former lead of DayZ , Dean Hall, has some benefits very generous to his staff.

Rocketwerkz is responsible for the shooter VR Out of Ammo and the simulator management Stationeers. Based in New Zealand, the firm offers to its team annual unlimited and an annual salary of $ 80,000 NZ.

This is rare for studies of development – and for the most part of companies in general – but the CEO, Dean Hall, has an explanation quite simple as to why his business to offer these benefits.

“You can have 30 people working on a project of $ 20 million or $ 30 million, then you’re already trusting much to them,” said Hall Stuff.

“If you trust them with major projects and large amount of money, because you can not trust them in the management of their time? This is the point from which we started.”

In fact, Rocketwerkz has discovered that some employees end up making less holidays than before when they had restrictions, which has induced the company to provide at least four weeks a year.

“Arrivals on the 23rd of December and there is someone sitting at his desk, and you say, why are you here, why are you not with your family, and they respond that they’re saving the leave for the school holidays so you can bring the kids on vacation. It’s stupid,” he added.

With this in mind, the Hall recognizes that holidays unlimited is not for everyone. According to the interview, Rocketwerkz has three levels of employees. The younger staff following the traditional hours of work / rules-of-leave, and the second level enjoys a sick leave unlimited, while those of the third get annual unlimited.

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Source: VG247.