Nintendo Switch is going strong, really strong. The numbers say it all: in two and a half years of marketing has sold 41,67 million units, with a rhythm in everything and for everything is comparable to the PlayStation 4 and the console home of the most successful of all time, the PlayStation 2.

According to Kazunori Ito, an analyst at Morningstar Investment Services, the hybrid has not yet reached its peak, and the decline of sales is still far. “Usually, at this point begins the phase of decline, but Nintendo Switch may have a longer life cycle than expected, “he told Bloomberg. “With a home console and a portable player into a single device, Nintendo have between your hands an excellent platform to sell software”.

Even Pachter has said on the subject, stating that, according to him, Nintendo Switch has all the cards in rule to sell at least 20 million console per year over the next three years, more than enough to exceed 101 million units sold by the Nintendo Wii.

We do not know the plans of the house of Kyoto, so we do not know how many years it intends to hold on the market, Nintendo Switch before replacing it with a new console, but we will not be surprised at all if really pondering the possibility of prolonging its residence time in virtue of the sales so excellent, further boosted by the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite.