With the announcement of the conclusion of the filming of the Avatar sequels (with regard to the portions of the live-action), the channel to the official Twitter of the blockbuster sci-fi of James Cameron, offers important clarification on the development of the video game of Avatar signed by Ubisoft Massive.

In commenting on the message of one of the many fans who asked what happened to the Avatar Project, the curators of the social channel official report that the title is still in development at the hotbed of digital software house in sweden that has shaped, among others, in The Division 2, and the first chapter of the series free-roaming linked to the novels of the late Tom Clancy.

The Twitter profile Avatar there refers in fact to the project page of Ubisoft game set in the science fiction universe of James Cameron, inviting us to follow the progress of the project through it to find out, maybe, when we return to receive updates on the title.

The secrecy behind which they are entrenched in these months, the authors of Ubisoft Massive, in every way, does not allow us to understand how they are procedento, the work on the Avatar Project nor of the intuition of the marketing of this ambitious video game open-world, are not expected before the end of 2020 and the advent of the console next-gen PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.