The Astralis are ready to become the first team of esport in the world to be listed on the stock exchange, with the opening of the hearings that will take place on 9 December at the stock exchange in Copenhagen.

The organisation Danish, famous for being one of the most successful ever in CS: GO and esports in general) has slowly expanded to other titles such as League of Legends (under the name of Origen) and FIFA (with Future FC’s) and can boast major sponsorships such as Audi, Turtle Beach, Jack & Jones, Logitech and many others.

As publicly stated by the organization, this points to raise from 18 to 22 million Dollars. The minimum purchase for the initial public offering was set on 450 shares for a total that would amount to little more than 593 Dollars.

The growth and monetization of the company value will occur through several pillars as the “brand building”, the merchandise, the purchase and maintenance of slots in the championships closed (or deductible), the formation of a team that can always be at the top of their respective disciplines and new methods of engagement for fans.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Nikolaj Nyholm – founder and co-chief executive officer of Astralis, said: “we Believe that the birth and the consolidation of some of those who will be the brand’s most famous and iconic in 10 years time, both to do today”.

In short, it speaks of a long-term investment, hoping to see the fruits within a decade or perhaps less. He also stated that the road will help theAstralis Group to focus on the expansion and growth profiled on a longer time horizon.