Just Dance 2020In addition, the whole is interspersed with animated sequences, short but colourful and rather cute overall. Nevertheless, taking into account all of the 40 tracks available in the game, which should be unanimously remain too rare to ensure a feast non-stop. Certainly, it is a question of sensitivity and generation, but, apart from a few cult songs such as “Just Year Illusion” (here recovery Equinox Stars, training customary of the times, Soul, and Funk for Just Dance), the overall risk of sounding a little bland to those who are looking for something catchy and groovy. It is, however, always possible to turn to the service Just Dance Unlimited in order to access 500 additional titles, knowing that a free trial period is available for one month.


Just Dance 2020On the other hand, we do not find the novelty noticeable this year and it is necessary to again make the impasse on the sympathetic mode Showtime which allowed you to create small clips from its own performance ; this choice is probably due to the sake of homogeneity, the Switch that does not have at the present time any camera system. Thus, it appears difficult to consider this edition 2020 as indispensable, especially with those who have one of the previous aspects. But with a concept as simple as it is effective, the game of Ubisoft always does the job in facilitating the meeting between friends or family, whether one is a gamer confirmed or completely foreign to the world of the video game.