The Aristocrats and Slitherine are very pleased to announce the Starship Troopers Terran Command, an ambitious strategy game Sci-Fi PC game set in the violent dimension of the eponymous film franchise by Sony Pictures.

The project of the belgian authors borrows heavily from the novels of Robert A. Heinlein and the film of ’97 Starship Troopers Infantry of the Space of the director Paul Verhoeven for letting us witness the struggle between the human race and the Arachnid.

Our task will be to take control of the outposts that mark the border of the war zone and to draw on the resources provided by the army to set up a base camp and can withstand the impact of waves of Arachnid. The elements of management that will run parallel to the dynamics of the RTS there will thus break the rhythm of the battles through the construction of military settlements, the research of the technologies of war more advanced and the study of the territory.

Under the profile closely in content and playful in the title will also be a main campaign, enriched by a motor, generation procedural, dozens of different types of units (each distinguished by their own skills), a tree of technology that promises to be extremely branched, the Leading persistent to evolve further, the skills gained by the troops, and, as the IP pretente, a massive dose of violence, explosions, and giant insects.

The launch of Starship Troopers Terran Command is expected to 2020 on the PC. In the opening you will find the video ad while at the bottom you can see a teaser of the gameplay and the first series of screenshots, in expectation of the opening of pre-orders on Steam and other marketplace digital.