Gestation infinite, release date still unknown, some controversy arising from the alleged mismanagement of the money by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games: nothing seems to slow down the collection of funds for Star Citizen, which has reached another amazing milestone.

In the moment in which we write has been exceeded quota 250 million dollars collected. The worth of the contribution of the 2.449.972 backer who believed in this project so ambitious, started as far back as 2011. In November, thanks to the success of the CitizenCon 2049, were collected 9 million dollars, more than enough to make it the month’s most successful ever.

In the last few weeks have been added to the planet MicroTech, so called in honour of the homonymous corporation that owns it, and a system of caves that can be explored. In 2020 will be instead introduced a new mode 20 against 20 in the multiplayer part of the title, called Theatres of War. If you are curious to discover at what point is the development of the game, then we suggest you to read the proof of the Alpha 3.7 of Star Citizen, that our Daniel Of the Founder has had the opportunity to test the CitizenCon 2049. The code is still largely incomplete, which is, however, possible to glimpse the dream of Chris Roberts.