The curators of the YouTube channel Hard4Games and the “historical gaming” Gaming Alexandria show us the video gameplay of Spider-Man 4, Spider-Man game for Wii that never saw the light.

The surprising discovery of this prototype was carried out by Andrew Earley, a passionate collector of video games and consoles retro that he found the file of the cancelled Spider-Man 4 within a devkit RVT-H Nintendo Wii just purchased from a private seller who, apparently, was not aware of the presence of this title in the hard disk of the system.

Using a modern emulator for the Wii to rebuild the files of the game, you are able to access a portion of a map, some missions of the main campaign, and even a tech demo for developers used to test the fluidity of the animations of Spidey, the behavior of enemies and the accuracy of the particle system devoted to the management of the explosions ingame.

It would be, then, a different game from the Spider-Man 4 cancelled in 2010 and in development at the studios, canadian Radical Entertainment: the demo of the videogame of Spider-Man present in the devkit RVT-H, Wii is, in fact, signed by Eurocom, a software house that has closed its doors in 2012. All this, while the imitators of our hero’s favorite neighborhood look with attention to the rumor that you would like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out in December 2021 exclusively on the PS5.