Protocore is a first-person shooter set in a mysterious space ship, The AŬTONOMA. Your objective will be to defeat hundreds of robot mortal controlled by the Nemesis, an evil artificial intelligence that will learn your weaknesses and will try to sconfiggervi. Protocore is made by the French company Iumtec. Testing the closed alpha will begin on 9 December.

“Imagine your soul is trapped in a robotic body. To get rid of, you must face hundreds of robot controlled by Nemesis, who is trying to understand the supernatural nature of your creator torturing him in the safest area of a spaceship on a global scale. Which choice will you do? Save the one that made you alive or let an be the inhumane to learn the secrets untold by methods inhuman, but for the good of all humanity?”

“What differentiates Protocore from the other FPS of this kind are the enemies. Your main opponent knows you well and will adapt and acquire regularly the new skills that will change the course of the game according to your actions. There is also a deep crafting system for weapons”- Thiebaut Dieterich, CEO.

During the game, you will have to cross the rooms and levels of a massive ship that you move somewhere on the outskirts of the most distant galaxies known. Between waves of enemies, you’ll be able to acquire and create new weapons and develop new skills. But every action you do will have a reflection and also the enemies you will develop! At any time during the game, a friend will be able to join you and together you will be able to pass through the later stages of the adventure.

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